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Paul Sparks, Online Business English Lesson Plans, Lesson Material and Ideas for Grade 1 English Conversation Lessons at Xiangtan Normal University...




Lesson 1 - Introduction

Lesson Objectives
This is the first lesson. I will introduce myself to the students and let the students introduce themselves to me, in order for us to find out about each other.


Lesson Activities
The students will write their name on a piece of paper, then names will be selected one at a time so that each student can introduce themselves to me and also the rest of the class.
Working in groups we will choose English names for the students who have not yet got an English name.


The first lesson is designed for us to get to know each other, you can find out more about me on the "All About Me!!" link on the main page of this website.


My Given Name: Paul
My Family Name: Sparks


The best way to contact me is by e-mail, please contact me with any questions or comments about any lessons, website issues or any other general queries.......



What is English Conversation?


  • Talk

  • Discussion

  • Dialogue

  • Chat

  • Consultation

  • Speech

  • Discuss.........

Conversation English is different from written English, because in written English there are correct ways of writing, using correct grammar. But in spoken English there are many other considerations...........

When speaking in English it is better to consider, "What is appropriate English?" This can depend on many things:


Friends speaking to each other talk differently to a person speaking to another person that you may not know very well. Also, people talking on the telephone will speak differently to people speaking face to face.


Over the next few weeks in conversation English we will be learning how to communicate if you were living in an English speaking country. For example knowing how to be able to request help in a shop or ask a question to a stranger.

Additional Information:
Textbooks - There is no textbook to be used in lessons for English Conversation !!


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