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Lesson Objectives
To use a quiz format to encourage students conversation, general knowledge and vocabulary.


How the Quiz is organised:
For this quiz the class will be divided up into teams. Two teams will compete, each being asked one question, then the other team will be asked a question. The questions will be based around general knowledge, Sport, Television, History etc.

The quiz will involve 2 teams playing against each other, the other students are the audience.

Round 1 - Alternate questions to each team, 2 points for correct answer, lose 1 points for incorrect answer.
Round 2 - Alternate questions to each team, 5 points for correct answer, lose 2 points for incorrect answer.

After 2 rounds, the team with the least points is knocked out and replaced with another team.

If a team does not know an answer they can ask the audience for help, correct answer will be worth 1 point, incorrect answer will lose them 5 points.


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