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Reading: Documents - CV's / Resumes


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To apply for most jobs today, you need to submit a resume (CV). You will probably want to add a cover letter. Writing a resume and job application letter is your way to ask an employer to hire you. Create a strong combination of resume and cover letter, and you increase your chances of being hired.

The resume is a summary of your education and work history. It can show a potential employer other skills you've gained through volunteer work. It can also highlight past accomplishments that indicate the potential you have to achieve well in the future for your new boss.

From the moment the potential employer sets eyes on the envelope containing your resume and job application letter, you are being evaluated. You want that letter to create a good first impression. Then, you want the content and organization to convince the employer to hire you. 


Creating the Content of a Resume

When employers glance over a resume, they expect to see certain kinds of information about the job applicant:


  • identification information
  • education/training history
  • work history
  • references


Most resumes begin with the name of the applicant and the other information that makes it easy for the potential employer to contact the applicant.



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