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Reading Assignment No.2:

"Evaluation of a Short Story"


Instructions: Read the short story then compile an evaluation using the given criteria. This assignment is to be hand written, clearly in pen. Only write in the space provided, cross out anything you do not wish to be marked. The assignment is to be handed in no later than the time specified. Anything given after that time will not be marked unless the student has a letter written in English from the Dean. Plagiarism, cheating or collusion will result in a mark of zero. Failure to complete all of the instructions will also result in a mark of zero. Below 60% is a fail, there will not be any re-submissions for failed assignments.


Assessment: This assignment is worth 10% of this course. Marks will be awarded as follows:

Accuracy of Information
Reasoned Arguments and Viewpoints
Ability to Extract Information from a Reading
Originality and Expression of Though
Critical Analysis

Marks will not be deducted for spelling, punctuation and grammar unless your writing is illegible.


SECTION 1: (10 marks each)

1. Vocabulary - Are the words effectively used in the story? (E.g. Adjectives [descriptive words] - are they used effectively?)

2. Layout - Is the size of the text suitable, is the font (typeface) suitable etc?

3. Structure - Are the paragraphs too long, too short or perfect. Are the paragraphs in the correct order?

4. Fact & Opinion - Is the story fact or opinion? Why?, Do facts and opinions have a clear distinction? (is it obvious what is fact and what is opinion?)

5. Grammar - Is grammar used effectively in the story? (use of speech marks etc.)

SECTION 2: (10 marks each)

Story Review:

1. What is the story about? (main ideas / short summary)

2. Who are the main characters? (names, description etc.)

3. Did you enjoy the story? Why / Why not?

4. Who would like this story? (E.g. young children / boys / girls / teenagers /adults / everyone etc.) Why?

5. What rating would you give this story?
(E.g. Excellent = 10 out of 10, poor = 1 out of 10) Would you recommend people to read this story? Why?

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