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Reading: Using Bibliographies


Lesson Objectives:
To understand and use bibliographies.

Bibliography and References: The reader must be able to trace the works you have used. Therefore you should add a bibliography in which you provide as much information as possible about the books or articles. The books and articles must be presented in alphabetical order. The items marked * must always be mentioned.



*Name of author (if more than 3, give the 1st + "et al.")
*Title of book (italics or underlined)
Name of editor or translator, if any
Name of author of introduction, if any
Number of edition, if other than the first
*Place of publication (if no place is given, write "n.p.")
*Name of publisher (if no publisher is given, write "n.p.")
*Date of publication (if no date is given, write "n.d.")



Cannon, T., The World of Business, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1989.

Wit, T., et al., A Study on Recession, edited by W. Roos, translated by F. Baker, 2nd ed., London: Blackpool Press, 1998.



*Name of author (if unknown, start with the title)
*Title of article (in quotation marks)
*Name of magazine (italics or underlined)
Volume number (if the magazine is issued weekly or monthly)
*Date of issue


Simeonova, V., "The Bulgarian Solution?", Time 152, 28 September 1998.

Bush, R., "Agriculture in Jeopardy", The Middle East 211, May 1992.

"Getting General Motors Going Again", The Economist 323, 2 May 1992.


FOOTNOTES: If you cite a work, the footnote entry should state the same information as the bibliography entry plus a page number. Note that the first name and surname are not reversed.


1T. Cannon, The World of Business, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1989, p. 89.

2V. Simeonova, "The Bulgarian Solution?", Time 152, 28 September 1998, p.22.

If there are later references to a work already cited, just state author and page number.


3Cannon, p.23.  

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