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Reading: The Reading Process


Lesson Objectives: To understand that there are different ways to read. To find effective methods of reading various materials.

The Reading Process:

  • Preview: Look at the title, headings, pictures and the first paragraph, then read.

  • Survey: Glance at headings, beginning of paragraphs and the last paragraph first.

  • Examine: Look for important information then think about headings before reading.

  • Question: Ask yourself questions about the headings to focus before reading.

  • Read Actively: Write on the article, mark or highlight words or sentences.

  • Note Taking: Write notes about what you have read.

  • Underline: Draw a line under important words or words you donít understand.

  • Review: Read again and think about or discuss the main ideas.

  • Recite: Check your memory from the information you have read.

  • Prompt: Use prompts to remember important information.







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