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Paul Sparks, Travelling in China Photographs

Guangxi University, Foreign Teachers (December 2003)


Adrian & Liz.jpg

Adrian & Liz

Felicity & JinJing.jpg

Felicity & JinJing

Helen & Nick.jpg

Helen & Nick

Helen, JinJing & Nick.jpg

Helen, JinJing & Nick

Helen, Nick & Adrian.jpg

Helen, Nick & Adrian

Helen, Nick, Annie & Rob.jpg

Helen, Nick, Annie & Rob

JinJing, Marianne & Felicity.jpg

JinJing, Marianne & Felicity

JinJing, Neil & Marianne.jpg

JinJing, Neil & Marianne

Kim, Neil & JinJing.jpg

Kim, Neil & JinJing

Me and JinJing.jpg

Me and JinJing

Neil and Me.jpg

Neil and Me




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