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Paul Sparks, Travelling in China Photographs

Shanghai and Suzhou (February 2003)


A KFC meal in Suzhou.jpg

A KFC meal in Suzhou

Bikes Everywhere.jpg

Bikes Everywhere

Chinese New Year Celebration.jpg

Chinese New Year Celebration

Glenn in the Pagoda.jpg

Glenn in the Pagoda

Glenn, Simon and Robin.jpg

Glenn, Simon and Robin

Houses in Suzhou.jpg

Houses in Suzhou



Lots of Washing.jpg

Lots of Washing

Main Roads.jpg

Main Roads

Old and New Buildings.jpg

Old and New Buildings

Playing Cards.jpg

Playing Cards

Robin with a Budda.jpg

Robin with a Budda

Shanghai Streets.jpg

Shanghai Streets

Shopping Street.jpg

Shopping Street

Side Streets.jpg

Side Streets

Suzhou - Pagoda.jpg

Suzhou - Pagoda

Suzhou Canals.jpg

Suzhou Canals

The Pearl Tower - In Fog.jpg

The Pearl Tower - In Fog



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