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Paul Sparks, Sino-Canadian International College, Guangxi University, Nanning.

Lesson Plans for "Watch, Listen & Speak"



Listening & Speaking, Group Assignment: A Presentation

Guidelines: You are required to work in a group of 3 students. See the attached list for your group, you must not change groups. Marks will be given individually, not per group, so if the other people in your group don't do any work you can still get a good mark!


Task: You have one week to design and present an advertising plan for a product of your choice. Each group should choose one specific product. Decide how to advertise the product, both in China and in one European country of your choice. When you have designed the plan you will present the information to the class. Your presentation should not be longer than 15 mins.



All members of the group should present the introduction and conclusion, but the other tasks should be divided as follows:


Student 1: "The Marketing Mix" ("The 4 P's") - Product, Price, Place and Promotion. (Introduce the product you have chosen. How much it will cost, is it expensive or cheap. Which European country have you chosen? why?. How will you promote the product? Television, radio etc.)


Student 2: "SWOT" analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. (What are the strengths of your product, the reasons why people will buy it. What are the weaknesses, any problems. Any opportunities, ways that you can sell more. Any threats, competitors etc.)


Student 3: (If there are only 2 students in your group then don't do this task.)

"PEST" analysis - Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors. (Are there any political problems, laws to stop you importing or exporting. Economic issues might be exchange rates of money. Social issues, cultural differences, computer systems etc.)


Note: After the presentation the group will be asked questions about their advertising plan from the other people in the class.


Marking Scheme:


  • Professionalism of Presentation (20%)

  • Research and Accuracy of Information (10%)

  • Pronunciation (10%)

  • Fluency (10%)

  • Vocabulary (10%)

  • Questions (20%)

  • Self Evaluation (20%)


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