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Paul Sparks - Free English Lesson Plans:

Listening & Speaking Lessons (Semester 1)


My "Watch, Listen & Speak" lessons from teaching at Sino-Canadian International College, Guangxi University, Nanning.

  • W.L.S.: Course Outline - Click Here

  • Telephone Role Plays

  • ASSESSMENT - In Class Test No.1

  • Movie Reviews - "Phone Booth" - Click Here

  • Review of September 2003 W.L.S. Lessons - Click Here

  • "Home and Away" DVD and Discussion - Click Here

  • Dictation

  • Body Language - Click Here

  • Direct Requests

  • Intent

  • Volume and Tone

  • Requests: Politeness - Click Here

  • Mid-term Exam Information - Click Here

  • Job Interview Role Plays - Click Here

  • ASSESSMENT - Assignment: Group Presentations - Click Here

  • ASSESSMENT - Mid-term Exam

  • CET4 Help - Vocabulary

  • Debates

  • Presentation Skills

  • ASSESSMENT - Ass. No.2 (Unprepared Speaking) - Click Here

  • ASSESSMENT - In Class Test 2 (Prepared Speaking) - Click Here

  • ASSESSMENT - Final Exam - Click Here





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