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Paul Sparks, Sino-Canadian International College, Guangxi University, Nanning.

Lesson Plans for "Watch, Listen & Speak"




Listening & Speaking, DVD and Discussion:


"Home and Away"


Lessons Objectives: To watch and listen to an Australian TV show. To think about the issues from the programme.


Activity: In a small group, choose one of the issues from the list. In your group prepare a presentation to give your opinions about the issues.


Issues to Discuss:


  • Secrets & Lies:

    Is it wrong to lie?

    If you lie to protect someone is that wrong?


  • Divorce / Single Parents:

    Should families stay together if they are unhappy?

    Can one parent be as good as two?


  • Friends or Lovers:

    Can people stay friends if they are no longer lovers?

    Can friends become lovers?


  • Parents and Teachers:

    Are parents and teachers always right?

    If they are wrong should you tell them?



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